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About Baoma

Baoma is a professional custom bag factory and global supplier. With 34 years of industry experience, we have become the top expert in developing and producing custom bags.


We are proud to operate two bag factories, strategically located in China and Cambodia.

Our unique production process involves developing the designs in China and then producing and shipping the bags from Cambodia.  This approach allows us to leverage the strengths of both locations and provide our customers with exceptional products.

China Factory:

Established in 1992, specializing in travel bags, belts, cosmetics, and backpacks.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: We offer end-to-end services, from design to manufacturing.
  • Extensive Facility: Our spacious facility spans over 28,500 square meters, with specialized production lines.
  • Certified and Compliant: Recognized by BV, SGS, and ITS, complying with WCA, FCCA, SCS, BSCI, SMETA4P, and ISO9001.
  • Trusted by Industry Giants: Accredited by DISNEY, AVON, LOREAL, ESTEE LAUDER, our reputation speaks for itself.
  • Global Partnerships: Our quality and reliability have earned us trusted partnerships with industry leaders like DISNEY, AVON, LOREAL, ESTEE LAUDER.

Cambodia Factory:

  • Cost-Efficient Labor: Benefit from competitive labor costs, while maintaining exceptional quality.
    Decent Quality: Our commitment to strict quality standards ensures that you receive top-notch products.
    Swift Delivery: Experience quick order turnaround and reduced lead times for faster delivery.
    Tariff Savings: By choosing us, you can avoid a 25% tariff loss, saving you money.
    Dedicated Workforce: With over 1,100 skilled workers, we have a dedicated team ready to meet your needs.
    Spacious Facility: Our production and quality control facility spans over 12,000 sqm, ensuring ample space for efficient operations.

Cambodia Factory:

Cost-Efficient Labor: Competitive labor costs without compromising quality.
Decent Quality: Adherence to stringent quality standards.
Swift Delivery: Quick order turnaround and reduced lead times.
Tariff Savings: Avoid a 25% tariff loss.
Dedicated Workforce: Over 1,100 skilled workers.
Spacious Facility: 12,000+ sqm for production and quality control.

Production Areas

Raw Material Warehouse
Raw Material Warehouse
Raw Material Warehouse

Sample Making Room

Sawing Workshop

Quality Inspection


Product Fulfillment Warehouse




Our Value​

Make Continuous Profits And Benefits For Clients, And Embrace Changes.

Our Mission

Create A Healthier, More Environmentally-Friendly And Fashionable Lifestyle.

Our Vision

Become A Global, Ecological, Digital And Branding Innovator In The Drinkware Industry.


Experience the Best Bag Manufacturer with 24/7 Immediate Response. We are dedicated to receiving your feedback and continuously improving our supplier services. Our commitment is to address and resolve any issues until you are completely satisfied.







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