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Personalized Luggage : Build your own BAOMA suitcase

Baoma Wholesale Luggage









Manufacturer of High Quality Tailor-made Luggage Designs

At Bamoma, we’re dedicated to the art of designing and producing high-quality tailor-made luggage solutions. We ship our quality luggage products worldwide with customer satisfaction being our number one priority.

OEM Luggage Manufacturer
We are an OEM luggage with more options and professional developing ability, we would like to help you build your luggage brand.

High Level Testing Criteria
All your luggage can meet the high-level certifications, and all our standards have passed the roller test 30 circles. If you need to customize new luggage shapes, we can also do the testing for you.

Automated Production Line
We has an advanced automatic luggage production line after many years development, so we can ensure your every luggage without reaching the floor and make your project finished in a short lead time.

Details Matter


a case feels effortless to move, but the hard shell means it’s durable as well. Instead of a rectangle, we use a chamfered edge so our cases fit easily in overhead compartments. We also allow you to customize the front and back shell to the colors of your liking, as well as add a front pocket for extra utility.


Having the right wheels is everything. Instead of dragging your luggage, you will watch it glide effortlessly next to you. Our ball-bearing wheels with 360° spin ensures your luggage moves comfortably with you, even on cobblestones.


Our handles stand out from the crowd, literally. With 4 different height settings, aircraft-grade aluminum and a protected internal shaft preventing handles from getting stuck, our handles are hard to beat. Plus the handles of all our luggage sizes stop at the same height from the ground, to make pulling multiple bags at the same time a cynch.


Our compression system allows you to pack more, and our 100% recycled lining is made with antimicrobial fabric to keep your clothes fresh. Or add our range of travel kits and organizers to keep your valuables in place.


Water-resistant, fast motion, and theft-resistant. Nothing ruins a vacation like a cheap zipper, so we didn’t compromise.

BaomaBag: One Stop Destination for High-End Brands 


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