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Personalized Customization, Adding Unique Charm to Your Online Store!

Let's create your next bag.

Adding Unique Charm to Your Online Store

Personalized Customization

Customized Product Categorles

ODM Product Case Studies

Belt Bag


Foldable Travel Bag​​


Wash Bag

Pcking Cube

Backpack Bag

Duffle Bag

Customization Steps

Pitch an idea and see how we help you move it out of the conceptual form and come into life.

Step 1: Consultation and Design

Our designers are here to help. You could either choose among the types of products we have in stock or require a new design.

Step 2: Sampling Making

It only takes us 3 to 5 days to make the sample for you. Every detail you ask for will be deemed essential in our sample making process.

Step 3: Quality Production

Once the sample is confirmed, we will begin the mass production. 100 PCS is the MOQ. You are able to get your products in 5 to 7 weeks.

Customization Options

Logo Customization​

Material Customization

Hardware Customization

Color Customization

Funtions Customization

Lining Customization

As the best bag manufacturer, we own 7 production lines (over 1100 workers in total). the minimum order quantity of us is 100 units. We provide customized services (logo design and customization, packaging customization) based on our offered models. If you want us to do that on your models, we can do that as well. As the best bag manufacturer & supplier in china, We’ll design or improve your backpack products through these services:

    • Bag products design suggestions: measurement, fabrics, function, color collocation,LOGO customized, packaging and defects removal, etc.
    • provide competitive price for the products you need as the best bag manufacturer.
    • Sales volume prediction: years of working experiences with clients from all over the world has made us a sharp observation in B2C product selection.
    • Production phase: Follow up the whole process of product production to ensure that your products have no quality problems.keep you informed of how long will it take to deliver your order.

If you need no bag products customization, we can offer all types of hot selling backpack products in stock.


They Trust Ouma

As the best bag manufacturer in china, Honeyoung has served many business partners. Through these partnerships, our products are sold around the world to millions of individual consumers.

Factory Dispaly

Dual factories in China and Cambodia to meet insufficient order demands

China Bag Factory Of Ouma

  1. Established Expertise (1992): Leading in travel bags, belts, cosmetics, and backpacks. End-to-end solutions, design to manufacturing.
  2. Spacious Facility: 28,500+ sqm space, specialized production lines. Versatility to meet diverse product needs.
  3. Certifications & Compliance: Recognized by BV, SGS, and ITS. Compliant with WCA, FCCA, SCS, BSCI, SMETA4P, ISO9001.
  4. Global Partnerships: Accredited by DISNEY, AVON, LOREAL, ESTEE LAUDER. Trusted by industry giants for quality and reliability.

Cambodia Bag Factory Of Ouma​​

  1. Cost-Efficient Labor: Competitive labor costs without compromising quality.
  2. Decent Quality: Adherence to stringent quality standards.
  3. Swift Delivery: Quick order turnaround and reduced lead times.
  4. Tariff Savings: Avoid a 25% tariff loss.
  5. Dedicated Workforce: Over 1,100 skilled workers.
  6. Spacious Facility: 12,000+ sqm for production and quality control.

High-quality bags supply, boost your online retail business to soar!

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