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A Top-Rated Private Label Bag Manufacturer

Shantou Bao Ma Processing Complex Co., Ltd. with its deep expertise and excellent professional capabilities in the field of luggage, stands as your ideal partner for success. We are not just a bag company; we are your strategic supporters in achieving brand success.

Our goal is to co-create an industry-leading brand with you. Let Shantou Bao Ma Processing Complex Co., Ltd. be the supporting force behind your success, facilitating the outstanding development of your brand. We look forward to partnering with you to shape the future together!”

  1. Customized Solutions: We understand the unique needs of each brand. Through exquisite design and flexible production capabilities, we provide customized solutions that make your products stand out in the market.

  2. Quality Assurance: With strict quality control standards and certifications from reputable organizations, we ensure that each piece of bag meets the highest quality requirements. Your brand deserves the best, and we strive for excellence.

  3. Prompt Response: In a rapidly changing market, we understand your sensitivity to time. Our efficient team and production processes ensure timely fulfillment of your needs, keeping you ahead in the market.

  4. Comprehensive Collaboration: More than just a manufacturer, we are your partners. Our professional team will work closely with you, providing market insights, trend analysis, and formulating long-term development strategies for your brand.

  5. International Recognition: Through collaborations with renowned brands both domestically and internationally, we have acquired various customer system certifications. This is evidence of our quality and reliability, bringing additional trust and recognition to your brand.

3 +Years
Field Experience
China + Cambodia
+1 0 Million
Production Capacity
50 0 +
Skilled Employees

Our Services

Paving the Way for Your Success

Personalized Design, Leading Unique Brand Style

We understand the unique style of each brand. Through personalized design, we create one-of-a-kind bag that sets you apart in the market.

Exceptional Quality, Safeguarding Your Reputation

Rigorous quality control and multiple certifications ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards, helping you establish an outstanding brand reputation.

Flexible Supply Chain, Adapting to Market Changes

Our efficient supply chain management allows you to quickly respond to changing market demands, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge.

Customized Packaging, Enhancing Brand Image

We offer personalized packaging services to make your products stand out in various retail settings, giving your brand a more profound impact.

Flexible Wholesale, Meeting Diverse Needs

We provide flexible wholesale models and customized order processing to meet the diverse needs of chain supermarkets and specialty stores.

Global Supply Chain Integration, Streamlining Procurement Processes

For wholesale traders and procurement representatives of multinational enterprises, we offer global supply chain integration services, streamlining procurement processes and allowing you to focus more on core business.

Consistently Professional and Efficient

Our Customization Process

Step 1: Consultation

Please contact us for a quotation. Provide us with all the necessary details, and we will provide a comprehensive quote within 24 hours

Step 2: Design And Sampling Making

We will design around the details you provide, ensuring swift delivery of drawings within 3 hours and samples within 10 days.

Step 3: Mass Production

After sample confirmation, we will initiate mass production. The delivery time varies from 3-7 weeks depending on the quantity of the products.

Tailored Just for You

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Label & Hangtag

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Working with this factory has been a game-changer for my online store. The products are not only stylish but also functional. My customers love them, and I'm happy with the competitive pricing they provide
John Doe
Amazon Private Label Buyer
Unrivaled Quality, Dependable Partner. This factory consistently delivers exceptional products, meets deadlines, and surpasses expectations, making them an invaluable asset to my brand bag business. Highly recommended!
Ethan James
Own Brand CEO
I appreciate the attention to detail this factory puts into their bags. The stitching, materials, and overall craftsmanship are exceptional. It’s no wonder they are a preferred choice for Private Label.
Benjamin Scott
product manager

Unleash Your Brand's Potential with Baoma

Flexible MOQ, Customization for Every Order: Your Ideas, Our Design. Innovative and Efficient Production for High-Quality Output. Drop us a message online; expect a reply within 24 hours via email.

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