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Unlocking E-commerce Success: Personalized Fanny Packs for Savvy Sellers

Custom fanny packs have become a fashion staple, adored by individuals of all ages. Their appeal lies in their versatility and the ease with which they can be tailored to suit personal preferences. Whether you refer to them as waist packs, hip packs, or quick packs, integrating custom printed fanny packs into your e-commerce platform’s merchandise lineup is a strategic and advantageous choice.

The Rise of Custom Fanny Packs in E-commerce

In the dynamic landscape of online selling, fanny packs, once considered a practical accessory, have now evolved into a trendsetting item. The bag supplier pro is witnessing a continuous surge in popularity, with custom fanny packs taking center stage. Today, sellers on e-commerce platforms can leverage the resurgence of custom fanny packs, offering picture options or logos that align with the brand’s identity. It’s not just a convenient sports accessory; it’s a fun and trending item that appeals to a wide audience.

Moreover, there are significant cost-saving opportunities for sellers interested in personalized fanny packs. Bulk orders often come with per-piece savings, making it a financially wise decision. Choosing designs that cater to a broad audience, such as one size fits all or unisex styles, not only enhances customization options but also helps sellers meet minimum requirements for bulk orders. For detailed insights, sellers are encouraged to engage with their bag supplier pro

Tailoring Branded Fanny Packs for E-commerce Success

What makes personalized fanny packs particularly appealing for e-commerce sellers? Beyond being a sustainable gift option, they offer a plethora of branding opportunities. Here’s how sellers on e-commerce platforms can navigate the world of customizable fanny packs.


Embroidery is the art or process of forming decorative designs by the use of needlework and color threads. Because it is ideal on thicker fabrics like cotton, canvas, and denim, it’s an excellent option for creating a customizable fanny packs with your brand’s logo, icons, or more.

Shown: Vuori Hip Pack


Patches can be designed with embroidery, chenille, or leather and are sewn directly onto products. This method of customization is a brilliant option for adding texture, making your logo pop, and creating a belt bag that is unique. 

Shown: Topo Designs Hip Pack Classic

Screen Printing 

One of the most common forms of customization is screenprinting. This technique uses a mesh to transfer ink or dye onto a textile through a stenciled design. Screen can be used for both soft apparel and accessories made of poly and cotton, as well as, thicker fabrics like canvas and denim.

Shown: Nike Tech Hip Pack

Color Options

One way to create a colorful waist pack is through dye sublimation. This digital computer printing technique uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as plastic, cards, paper, or fabric. Dye sublimation is best used for full-color, edge-to-edge printing on apparel, lanyards, handkerchiefs, and more.

Another way to companies can achieve colorful packs is by opting for pre-made build-your-own designs for crafting a custom look. With a plethora of color options to choose from, creating a color-blocked effect (like shown below) is a breeze.

For companies wanting promotional fanny packs that are truly on-brand, opt for services like color matching that can make your own company’s branding come to life. With companies like bag supplier pro that offer color matching for screen print, embroidery, dip dyes, and much more you’ll never have to compromise on your branding.

Shown: Cotopaxi Del Dia Hip Pack

Metal engraving

Metal engraving, akin to the prevalent customization method of screen printing, offers a sleek and durable way to personalize various items. Employing precision techniques, metal engraving utilizes a specialized tool to etch intricate designs onto metal surfaces, ensuring lasting impressions on items such as jewelry, plaques, or high-quality accessories. This technique is ideal for those seeking a refined and enduring customization option for their metal possessions.

Shown: KORS belt bag

Our Favorite Custom Fanny Packs in 2023

Get inspired with the latest styles to add to your branded belt bag collection. 

everywhere belt bag

If your company’s branding reflects clean aesthetics and a minimalistic style, this could top your list of customizable fanny packs. This everywhere belt bag offers the perfect slate for adding your logo.

sherpa belt bag

If you’re all about a cozy pop of texture and contemporary flair, then the Sherpa Belt Bag is the perfect fit for you! This stylish accessory is designed to showcase the warmth of sherpa, and it’s ready to be personalized with your name or logo. With its plush feel and on-trend design, the Sherpa Belt Bag is a must-have accessory that seamlessly combines comfort and modern style.


Customize Top Fanny Pack Brands with bag supplier pro

bag supplier pro is the easiest way to design, create, and send custom products. So when it comes to creating personalized fanny packs for your company, you can easily create your perfect, on-brand bag!

Browse the brands in their catlog or get inspired by their collection of products that are available for customizing. From hip packs and personalized duffle bags to drinkware, apparel, and more, there’s something for everyone.


FAQs for Ordering Custom Fanny Packs

1.What is the ideal fanny pack size for different uses?

A medium or large fanny pack anywhere from 10 to 20” long is ideal for carrying multiple items. Most fanny packs come with an adjustable belt to accommodate different user sizes as well. Hoping for something larger? custom belt bags offer the same great, hands-free convenience with even more room for personalizing.

2.How do I choose the right customization technique?

bag supplier pro offers a variety of high-quality customization services so that your brand stands out no matter how you choose to personalize your product. Your bag supplier pro rep can help you find your perfect customization option.

3.Can I order a custom fanny pack in small quantities?

Yes! Talk to your bag supplier pro rep for ideas on small orders.  

4.What are the most popular color options for branding?

There are so many popular colors to choose from when creating your custom merch. The most popular color choices usually come from a company’s branding and incorporate white, black, or neutral hues. For example, a white tee featuring artwork and logo in the company’s brand color palette. Or, a tee or waist pack in their brand’s colors with a neutral design and logo.

5.Can I get a sample before placing a large order?

Yes! When it comes to Mock ups and proofs, Bag supplier pro can produce a physical sample and ship it to you for your approval. And if you don’t want a physical sample, you can also have a digital proof.


Browse bag supplier pro that are available for customization and see how easy it is to make your brand shine with custom fanny packs!


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