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How to Customize belt bag

Who doesn’t love a belt bag? Versatile, practical, stylish, and often with zippered pockets, belt bags are an excellent fashionable accessory.

They come under tons of brand names in a huge range of designs and colors, with one of the most popular being lululemon. However, you don’t have to go mainstream for yours; if you’re looking to invest in personalized belt bags for yourself or your business, there are so many different options you can choose from.

Whether you want to gift custom belt bags to your employees, or you intend to give them out at your next conference or tradeshow, read on to discover five ways that you can customize a bag belt bag for maximum impact.

Add your company logo

If you’re looking to invest in promotional items for your business, custom belt bag are a great choice.

Small but mighty, there’s plenty of room to add your company logo and name to the front of a belt bag. This prominent positioning will ensure your brand gets exposure everywhere the belt bag goes!

Experiment with color

Who says a belt bag has to be only one plain color? There is a wide variety of fun colors to choose from, and you can even pops of color to different parts of the belt bag, like the waist strap or the front pocket.

Pro tip: opt for shades that match your company branding.

Apply embellishments

If your fanny pack looks more boring than beautiful, add a few embellishments like custom patches, embroidery, screen printed designs .

Adding embellishments to your belt bag helps to create a truly original accessory that no one else will have.

Add additional straps

For those who desire more versatility in their bags, you can customize your waist pack with various adjustable straps. You can transform the waist pack into a shoulder bag or chest pack by adding a crossbody strap, or simply adjust the shoulder straps to convert it into a hip pack or leg bag.

Whatever type of bag you prefer – belt bags or sling bag – we can help you create it.

Customize the inner pocket

The outside of your belt bags isn’t the only branding option; you can also customize the inside!

Step-and-repeat printing is a trendy way to add in more branded flair, or you may add a secret zippered compartment for storing important small items like credit cards.

Customize Your Fanny Pack Today

Here at bag supplier pro, we offer an extensive selection of custom belt bags – a uniquely perfect gift for your staff, your customers or for giveaways. We’ve got you covered – start designing your custom belt bags today!

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